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Nadeem Sarwar 2013 mp3

Nadeem Sarwar 2013 Mp3

Nadeem Sarwar 2012

1 - Ya Hussain (A.S) – Haey Sham e Ghariba Nadeem Sarwar 2012 (From Other Source)

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  1. Syed Sohail Hyder Jaffry says:


    Dear Add some dynamic material in ur site so that visitor remain visit time to time. Rest of this The site is very nice. Shia got easy way to find any thing about AHL-E-TASHIH.

  2. Shazia Rizvi says:

    Thanks and Iltemas e Dua.
    I will add User Submit Content stuff this week Inshallah – I am working with very limited man power and it is impossible for me to post everything,
    to solve this problem i will invite people to write on this website (full moderate) – for e.g irfan haider 2013 nohay is not available – if you any website where all the irfan haider 2013 nohay available, you will be able to post that mp3 links on this website, when you will post mp3 link, it will automatically convert into player with download links, i hope this will work better – what you think.

  3. ASGHAR LAKHO says:

    Nice Website . Good Work

  4. SHABIR WANI says:

    {Hai naaz mai hoon SHIA} Kehte hai ki insaan bedar hokar pukarega humare hai ya hussain a.s. Mugar kuch log bedar ho k bi bedar nahi hue unhe kya kahege…?
    Dushman e ahalbait ya
    Behosh log.

  5. Saulat Abbas says:

    Mola Salamat Rakhay Ap ko..Ameen.

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